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Currents projects
The Ludosphère

Initiate by
Clément Guyon-Le-Bouffy, the Ludosphère is a company who takes over the concept of travelling games libraries.

I had to set up the communication strategy and the visual identity.
I also entirely realised the website for the  Ludosphère (webdesign - redaction - photography)  !

Act & Help


Since the creation in 2007 by the french journalist Elisabeth Bernard, Act & Help is an NGO mainly engaged for the street children in India.
I had to modernized their image by the site redesign, the logo and the printed documents.

La ludosphère, clément guyon le bouffy, justine pascal, freelance
Logo dragon ludothèque

Find the Ludosphère on facebook :
See the website :

Act & Help, enfants inde, association humanitaire, Justine Pascal
Justine in the Netherlands
To diversify my professionnals skills and projects, I holded a photographic journal in English to illustrate my road trip around the Netherlands : 25 days, 14 cities, only by the couchsurfing experience ! By coïncidence the begginig of my journey matched with the Paris Attacks, on Friday November the 13th... 
Une Française aux Pays-bas a voyagé dans le pays pendant 25 jours en train et en dormant sur des canapés de locaux.
Lekkere Trek

Earth respect, permacultur, slow food movement, so many words who takes sens in Herman's project : The lekkere Trek. 
An organic food truck to spread the Dutch and Frysian culinary culture, fresh products from the closest producens and a strong concept : Street food, yes, but not junk food !

the organic Frysian food truck !


In 2004 he beggan to play guitar at the age of 13 ans. Autodidact, Matt Huguet's music is oriented by electricals sounds and few influences like Dubstep and Metal. 
I did the Photographies, the visual identity and the design of this Website.

Act & Help, enfants inde, association humanitaire, Justine Pascal
The Inglorious fruits & vegetables

Initiate by Marcel agency, I took and improve for my thesis in 2014 the dare and innovating "Inglorious fruits and vegetables" concept, a strong action from the french supermarket company "Intermarché".
Humour, diététic and responsible consumption are the master words for this strategy.


D'autres projets à venir...

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